Fall in love with a man who thinks like a horse.  Deep in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, Chase is waiting to die.  Lauren just wants to keep her horse.  Their destinies twist together in the debut young adult fantasy and romance novel Chase (Sydney Scrogham) released by Koehler Books in August 2015.

The story continues with Ariel: The First Guardian, a story of redemption and healing from abuse. Readers are calling it “highly relatable” and giving it five stars.

Horsecrazygirls.com says – “This is a beautifully written fantasy novel centered around horses.”

Reviewer Randy Tramp says – “From the first pages, I enjoyed this book. “Chase” is full of phrases such as, “An ice storm stirs my belly,” and “my insides liquefied.” It’s creative writing in excellence. I enjoyed this book and look forward to other books by Sydney.”

Author Peter Harmon says – “Saddle up for a fantastical tale set in the fully fleshed out world that Sydney Scrogham has created in CHASE.”