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4 Great Horse Books + 1 Big Bonus Giveaway 1

“The earth would be nothing without the people, but the man would be nothing without the horse.”
~ Author Unknown

Horses and books are two of my favorite things, and they aren’t as easy to combine as you might think. It’s hard to find good equestrian fiction (especially if you like a touch of fantasy like I do). Here is a list of the top four horse books I’ve read recently. Then I’ve got a bonus giveaway of awesome horse books packed together for a reader like you!

Pegasus by Robin McKinley
Wow. This is one of those books that blows you out of the water and sticks with you. Robin does a beautiful job making a Pegasus like a person. I’ve never seen someone write about horses as if they are their own people group. The Pegasus in this story, Ebon, has a beautiful relationship with the human princess bound to him. The language is poetic and rhythmic. This is one story you definitely won’t want to end. It has a bit of a cliffhanger ending, unfortunately. Though I’ve read rumors of a Pegasus trilogy, I never see any release dates (oh no!). Even if there is never a sequel, I’m still glad I read Pegasus. It’s that good.

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater
Yikes. I never knew horses could be so scary! Maggie dives into mythological water horse stories and makes them her own. Every November, I think of The Scorpio Races and the opening line of Sean Kendrick on November first. “And so today, someone will die.” This is a fast-paced read, but it also slows down for bits of romance between the human leads. (The water horses are only interested in eating each other.) Like Pegasus, this is a story with very poetic language and will stick with you after you finish it.

Overruled by Brittney Joy
Spooky. This is another book with a horsey fantasy element, and the lead character uses magic to communicate with animals. She has a gorgeous stallion friend that looks after her. While horses don’t play a primary role in this story, they do have prominent scenes. If you’re looking for medieval magic, murderous plots, and love triangles, this one is for you. I’ve never seen a magic connection between horse and human like this before.

In The Reins by Carly Kade
Sweet. Cowboys don’t leave any room for fantasy magic in this story. This story is great about getting the horse facts straight! It’s like watching a movie where people can actually ride their horse without flopping all around. Reading accurate descriptions of horse training is refreshing. And if that isn’t good enough here, there is a sweet, fiery romance complete with horseback kisses. This is one I’d highly recommend to grab on a beach vacation and read with your toes curled in warm sand.

Big Bonus Giveaway

I’m releasing a new fantasy romance book in May 2017. It’s the third in my Guardians of Agalrae series and I wanted to celebrate by putting something awesome together for horsey readers. So with other authors on board, we’ve been working hard to get a big horse book giveaway for you! I’ve got a pile of books on my desk. Check out the gripping first lines of each in this video.

Sounds and looks awesome, right? I’m still waiting for a few more books to arrive. Stay tuned for updates, and enter to win! We’ll be contacting the winner in May 2017.

Coming May 2017

Rebecca has all the love, support, and sunshine she ever wanted with her Guardian partner Seth at her side. The trouble starts one day when letters arrive from her deceased elven father. She has inherited a position of power and will be forced to return to a frosty homeland she swore to forget.

Unable to forgive her family for the wounds inflicted upon her long ago, Rebecca is left alone with her inner demons as darkness descends. Bitter barriers consume her and she finds herself playing into the hands of the underworld she swore to destroy. Forgiveness is the only way to save her soul, and that’s not something she’s willing to offer.

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Sydney is writing happy endings. She loves connecting with readers and writers while helping them pursue their dreams. In August 2015, Sydney released her first novel Chase through Koehler Books. When she isn’t writing, Sydney can be found at the barn with her horse Snowdy.

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