5 Reasons to Trust Yourself Right Now (And Be Immune to Selficus Distrustus)

You lurk in the dark as your own worst enemy.  “The chapter is done!” you cry.  “But it’s horrible.  Awful!  Who will read this?  I hate it.”

*rip rip rip rip rip*

Sound familiar?

There’s an epidemic sweeping through writers worldwide.  It’s called Writer’s Block.  Cause?  Not procrastination like you’d expect.  The true source is an infectious virus called Selficus Distrustus.  It sits in your writing cells, dormant until you’re ready to write.  Then it multiplies while you’re writing, and when you’re done, Selficus Distrustus bursts from your writing cells and causes the destruction of all your written products.

A writer’s only hope is to build up immunity to Selficus Distrustus and learn how to fight back.  The vaccine comes in five doses.

  1. Doubt is not your friend.  So stop treating it like one.
    What if you held Hope’s hand twice as much as you held Doubt’s hand?  Who’s side are you really on, anyway?  If you don’t believe in you, why should anyone else?  Kick Doubt to the curb.
  2. There’s a voice inside of you that no one else has.
    Your writing is unique.  YOU are unique.  No one else experiences the world like you do, and therefore no one else can write what you do.
  3. You are the best you in this moment.
    And in the next moment, you’ll still be your best you.  So what if you know more down the road?  That’s then, and this is now.  Right now, you’re qualified to write the story inside of you.
  4. If you’ve written a book, then you’re an authority on writing.
    It’s okay to start acting like one!  No one is a master at writing.  Not even the best sellers.  When you’re a writer, everything goes because there are no rules.  Some people have just been writing longer than others.
  5. If you think your writing is good, it is.
    Period.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  You know what you like and if other people don’t like it–too bad!  There are oodles of people on the planet, and somehow, someway, the story you’ve written is going to connect with your perfect reader.  It may not happen instantly, but it will happen if you keep chasing your dreams.

Be still for a second and imagine how far you’d go if you only trusted yourself.  What keeps you from being your biggest cheerleader?

  • Wow, this is exactly what I go through in an endless cycle! I once almost deleted a whole book I was so angry at how awful it was, I saved it instead and came back later and realized I actually liked it. I think the biggest thing that stops me from being my own biggest cheerleader is other people’s opinions, so many people say I’m strong or I’m good at this or that so my biggest fear is failing all of them. So I’m really hard on myself to make sure that never happens, in the end though it’s just makes me critically unhappy and now when I hear doubt creep into my mind, I write anyway! I don’t care if evil me says it’s bad, I’m probly going to really like it later 🙂

    • Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Bec 🙂 Keep fighting off selficus distrustus!

      • You’re welcome, aye I will!! 🙂

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