Book 3 Released in the Guardians of Agalrae Series – Rabashani: The Half-blood Guardian

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After Chase in 2015 and Ariel: The First Guardian in 2016, Scrogham is releasing the third book in the Guardians of Agalrae series. Rabashani: The Half-blood Guardian takes readers into a wintry setting and picks up about a year after Ariel: The First Guardian ends.

“I wanted to show readers a new side of Agalrae,” Scrogham says. “It’s more than just mountains and Alicorns. As I got to know more of the Guardians, I realized some of them were native to Agalrae. Rabashani is one of those characters.”

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Rebecca LeHaye is a half-elf that is so desperate to escape from her past that she changed her name. She hasn’t been called Rabashani since she lived in the Frostlands. After her father is suddenly killed, a series of events leads her back to her icy homeland where she must confront the two people who hurt her most – her sister and her ex-fiancé.

“We all have those people in our lives that are hard to forgive,” Scrogham says. “And sometimes, no matter how hard we try, circumstances don’t work out in our favor. Rabashani’s story is about forgiving yourself.”

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There are at least two more books planned for the Guardians of Agalrae series. The next release will wrap up the events of Rabashani’s story, and the following book will fast forward into time to take a peek at what happened to Chase and Lauren.

Scrogham loves creating happy endings. When she’s not writing, she’s at the barn with her horse Snowdy or catching up on reruns of the best TV show ever – Castle. She lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. To learn more, visit her website at

Rabashani: The Half-blood Guardian is a new adult paranormal romance scheduled to release on May 1, 2017.

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Rebecca has all the love, support, and sunshine she ever wanted with her Guardian partner Seth at her side. The trouble starts one day when letters arrive from her deceased elven father. She has inherited a position of power and will be forced to return to a frosty homeland she swore to forget.

Home is worse than she remembered. The underworld is preparing for war and the elves are divided regarding who should lead them—the immortal council or a dictatorship under Rebecca’s mortal half-blood. Her grip on her safe world falls apart when Seth is thrown in prison for treason.

Unable to forgive her family for the wounds inflicted upon her long ago, Rebecca is left alone with her inner demons as darkness descends. Bitter barriers consume her and she finds herself playing into the hands of the underworld she swore to destroy. Forgiveness is the only way to save her soul, and that’s not something she’s willing to offer.

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Sydney is writing happy endings. She loves connecting with readers and writers while helping them pursue their dreams. In August 2015, Sydney released her first novel Chase through Koehler Books. When she isn’t writing, Sydney can be found at the barn with her horse Snowdy.