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World Building: How To Get Started Writing With Help From Pinterest

Do you write fantasy, sit down at the blank page, and suddenly get overwhelmed with the details of your story world?  I do.  Mounds of notes cannot save me.  I get lost in the hand-drawn maps, the oodles of details scribbles – there is no organization to my madness and it drives me crazy to the point I can’t write.

There’s got to be a better way to do world building, especially for fantasy stories, which are so deeply moving with their creative images.

world building pinterest fantasy

That’s when I decided Pinterest could help me.  It’s much easier for me to sort through images than scattered notes and hand-drawn maps.

We’re going to build this fantasy world from broad to narrow.

Start with the landscape.

My landscape came from knowing my character – a half blood snow elf, called an elvar, based on the elves of Norse mythology.  This character, one of the Guardians of Agalrae named Rebecca, is immune to cold.  So she’s going to live in a place that’s covered in snow and epic high mountains.

The Frostlands.


This would be a view of the Frostlands looking at the mountains from the meadows of Agalrae.

And this is what happens inside the Frostlands, covered in all of that snow. It really makes a mood, doesn’t it?

Once you get your story Landscape, then you can start working on more practical things.

Like housing.

Snow in the trees.

The lamp posts that light the walkways.

And some back walkways lit by candles…

The mountain pass between the Frostlands and Agalraen mainland.

The barns where the banished Alicorns stay. (Plot twist!)

And then once you’ve got the details down, it begs the question… What are the people/beings/elves like?

When it comes to world building for your writing, you’ll notice that it’s not only the scenery that sinks into the hearts of readers, but the people. The joys of planning your world building on Pinterest are amplified because Pinterest makes great suggestions that you can quickly store away on a board for later.

That’s how I decided I needed to know what my elves, the elvar, are wearing.

Since they aren’t cold, even though they’re in the (brrr…) Frostlands, fur coats aren’t a necessity. So we can try things like this.

I love that. I want to wear it myself. But imagine that outfit on elves with white skin, since that’s how I see the elvar. Like this…

That white skin creates a conflict for Rebecca (also known as Rabashani). Because she’s half human, her skin is pinkish and not white like the others. But she also has blue eyes. I picture her in a dress like this for special events.

But in her every day gear, she’s more like this.

Yes, what the men wear is important, too…

I squealed when I found this pin. It’s EXACTLY how I see the ice scepter. Hm, wonder what that will be used for… 😉

Do you see how Pinterest can be spectacular for organizing world building before and during your writing? You can make boards as broad or as detailed as you want and then process all of your stored information as images instead of scrambled notes.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about world building now. Welcome to the Frostlands!

How do you work world building for your writing?

world building writing pinterest

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